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Remove Stretch Marks With Just 3 Items

These marks are not pretty and can show in many body parts. Commonly is the buttock, legs, thighs and breasts. There are many causes for this and usually is drastic change in weight. Loss or gain, Is the same. If a woman gets pregnant, her skin will expand and make these marks. But, some medicines can be taken at home and help here to remove the marks.

Remove Stretch Marks With Just 3 Items

First, the marks emerge and look like scars. They appear with weight changes and during teenage growth too. So the skin alters and has changes in the elastin and collagen fibers.

The cellulite means gathering of adipose tissues in some parts of the body, and dimples show on the skin. It happens due to bad blood flow, fluid retention, hormone changes, bad diet and bad lifestyle habits.

There are many items that cost a lot and promise a lot too. But we have a cheap and better alternative for cellulite and stretch marks.

Both cellulite and marks have to be removed for healthy skin. Start working out, hydrate more and have healthier habits.

Also exfoliate to promote blood flow in the skin. This also removes dead cells on the surface, and makes skin younger.

Cellulite and stretch marks cure

You need:

250 g sea salt
150 ml argan oil
250 g sugar cane

Make mix of these and make a paste. put this paste in the areas needed and massage in circle motion. Do this for 3 min.

Rinse the skin with warm water and apply moisturizer
The sugar exfoliates, the sea salt has iodine and micro-items that regenerate skin and argan oils softens it. It is also named palm oil with vitamin E for fighting aging of skin. This leaves the skin soft, tender and youthful.

To see results, use this daily
Use this mix every day to see optimal results. When the marks have red color, it means they heal slowly and will turn white. Avoid and prevent this with daily use.
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