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Castor Oil Drops As A Cure For Cataracts And For Better Eyesight

Although the cataracts, pathological disease in which the lens of the eye became less clear, which lead to obscure vision, is characteristic for older people, lately it is more frequent among young population as well. This is a consequence of junk-food, or food that contain low percentage of basic antioxidants and nutritive.

Castor Oil Drops As A Cure For Cataracts

Cataract is caused by injury of the free radicals, or more precisely result of the glycation process or bonding of sugar molecule to a protein or lipid, in this case the protein part of the lens. The injury is resembling with the process when exposed to the heat, the egg white protein becomes nontransparent, starting from the outside of the lens and progressing to the center.

If you do not want to immediately undergo surgery, that doctors will probably advise, then you can start your therapy by using a castor oil. But please notice that in most severe cases the surgery will be still needed. Castor oil has been admitted as organic medication for cataracts, but  it has to be pressed and cold if you want to achieve results. This is the procedure: every night one drop in each eye and cleanse in the morning.

– It’s preferable to start the process just before sleeping, because after use of the drops your vision  might be unclear. At the same time the healing effect is better when your eyes are closed. In the morning, you can notice crusts outside the eyes. This is a result od calcification or other things that need to be disposed. You simple rinse them off.

– It is recommended one pure castor drop in each eye, daily. If there is no progress in the first three days, stop the procedure. Complete curative results should be gained after 4-6 weeks of implementation.

Past users of this medication said that the following morning there was some improvement in their eyesight. So if you do not notice improvement after three days of continuous use of the oil, then discontinue. I will not hurt you, but it will not help you either, because it’s not appropriate for your eye complication.

The period of recovering of the vision is different for each person and depends of the level of deterioration. Some people had improvement within weeks, others can wait for the results up to three months.