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6 Signs Of Lung Cancer You Need To Know

Lung cancer is the leading cancer death in both males and females in the U.S as well as in other developed countries around the world.  While smoking is the major risk factor for developing this disease, passive smoking or passive exposure to smoke, may also lead to lung cancer.

The worst part regarding this type of cancer is the fact that the general prognosis is very poor. Doctors often diagnose the disease when it reaches an advanced stage.  The term stage is used to describe the extent to which the cancer has spread.  For early stage lung cancer, which is localized to the lungs,  a 5-year survival is about 54 percent, while it is only 4 percent in advanced stage.

Long lasting Cough
A cough that lasts longer than usual it is always a bad sign. A cough from a cold does not last longer than two weeks and it is not the sign of lung cancer, but if a cough is present for a longer period of time that might be the symptom of cancer. By any chance if you have a such cough, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor and have some tests done.

Change in Cough
If you are a long-time smoker, you probably have a chronical cough and need to be more careful, because it is more difficult to distinguish the cough symptom from a regular cough. If you have any change in a chronic cough like coughing blood, frequently coughing with a deeper sound, have a mucus cough etc. You need to visit the doctor right away.

Chest and Back Pain
A pain that occurs somewhere on your chest area or on the back can be a symptom of lung cancer. Chest pain can be as a result of the metastasis of the pleura or because of enlarged lymph nodes.

Sudden Weight Loss
Most of the types of cancer are causing weight loss from 10 pounds or more. This is because of the cancer cells that are using the energy of the body in the same way that the body uses the energy from the consumed food.

Bone Pain
The bone pain in the back, shoulders or arms can be a symptom of the lung cancer that spread wider from the lungs. Usually, it is more noticeable while sleeping on the back. Does not mean that every bone pain is a sign of cancer, but if the pain is severe you certainly need to see a doctor.

If a wheezing sound appears when you breathe it is probably because the airway is blocked, inflamed or constricted. This can be because of some easy and curable medical conditions, but in some of the cases can be long cancer. So the best advice is if this wheezing lasts a long period of time consult with a medical person.