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Vitamins For Muscle Recovery

We should understand that, in your whole system muscles are very costly but not a priority. Yet they require correct vitamin nutrition for effecient muscle recovery. This means that if you have other problems in your body, they are most likely going to be addressed first from within.

In terms of basic survival it is more critical that your heart functions properly than your musculoskeletal system.

That being said, it is important to ensure that all of your bodily systems are in check in order for your musculoskeletal system to function optimally. Let’s talk about bodily issues that need addressing first so that your muscles recover more quickly and take a look at the nutrients that may help.

Although not common, iron deficiency anaemia can inhibit your body from healing itself. If you are anaemic, you cannot get adequate oxygen to your cells.

Blood sugar imbalances
If your diet consists of high amounts of sugars, it will inhibit the proper production of fat burning and healing hormones. Over time this can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity or shutdown of the beta cells of the pancreas aka. diabetes.

This means a lessened ability to heal and increased aging. Cut out the processed sugars and add in cinnamon, which helps improve insulin sensitivity.

Adrenal fatigue
If you are chronically stressed, be it mental, emotional, chemical, or physical, you will have too much of the hormone cortisol being released.

Eventually this can lead to adrenal exhaustion, which will bring fatigue and more fatigue.

Find a way to lessen these stressors, which includes reducing inflammatory foods in your diet. And you may consider supplementing with the hormone pregnenolone, which is a hormonal precursor for the adrenals (this is something you should consult with your doctor about).

Gastrointestinal (GI) tract
If you have chronic inflammation in your GI tract, the rest of your body will become affected. This includes: circulation problems, fatigue, allergies, and the list goes on.

Inflammation can be caused by foods such as hydrogenated oils, high amounts of red meat, fried foods and sugar.

Eliminate these inflammation causing foods and foods that you are sensitive to (found through food anti-body blood testing). Supplement with enzymes to assist in digestion, eat fiber, eliminate food coloring additives, supplement with L-glutamine, vitamin A, & D3 (under your health practitioners care) to assist in intestinal repair.

Get your body under control
Once these issues are under control, only then can your muscles repair themselves quickly and function optimally.

If you think something is affecting you, I highly recommend to see a qualified healthcare practitioner who will address your nutritional needs with further analysis, which may include micronutrient testing. This way you will know exactly where you are lacking, and it may also point to chinks in the chain of your physiology.

*Taking vitamins at random can cause adverse reactions, since there are some nutrients that you can overdose on, such as fat soluble vitamins (A, E, D, & K).

For someone who is generally healthy, I always recommend a liquid multivitamin/trace mineral daily supplement. This ensures you are getting all the trace nutrients that are essential to your health that may be lacking in the food you are eating.

Whole body health is fitness. This is when you can become truly fit.