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Improve Your Sleep With Effective Bedtime Technique

Long tossing and turning in bed before falling asleep? The next morning you face all the consequences of a sleepless night: inability to focus and concentrate, low energy, poor productivity. Chronic sleep deprivation may affect your overall health and quality of life. Let's check the most efficient ways how to fall asleep in a few minutes.

It is no secret that sleep is vital for our health as it enables the body to repair, have a rest and be ready for the next day. Sleep helps us not only feel better but also be fit and look good. Sometimes it is very difficult to distract from pressing problems, relax and sleep peacefully. Insomnia may lead to hormonal imbalance, obesity, high blood pressure and may even increase the risk of heart diseases. It's crucial to give our body enough time to have a rest, sleep experts recommend getting at least 8 hours of deep sleep. Here are some tips:

1. Preparation
Get ready for bed in advance, take a bath, put on nightwear, make a bed and make sure nothing distracts you. Choose the most comfortable position and maximize your comfort.

2. Feel the body
Relax lying down, feel every cell of your body, take three deep breaths and extend your inhale and exhale. Focus on the air that goes through the nostrils, then stomach and goes out through the mouth.

3. Relax
Concentrate on each body part from the head to the toes consciously relaxing it. This will help you relax your mind just as you relax your body.

4. Repeat
Repeat the ritual a few times concentrating on every single part of the body individually this will improve the mind-muscle connection and will help to relax and calm the body. Keep breathing deeply during the ritual. Stick to this technique for a week and you will be able to quiet your mind and body easier. The more practice you get the faster you fall asleep.


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