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7 Days To Drink Less Online Alcohol Reduction Program

The 7-Days To Drink Less is a program that helps drinking addicts revert their addiction to healthier drinking habits. The 12 Step program, which starts to work, immediately seeks to help binge drinkers cut their excessive alcohol consumption to a reasonable amount. According to Georgia Foster, the author of this program, many health professionals offer ‘solutions’ that shame addicts instead of helping them.

In this program, Georgia, an Australian Alcohol Reduction Expert, reveals ways one can cut back their drinking and what the problem is. The problem isn't the actual drinking but the mentality before the drinking. This program, therefore, works by first reshaping your thinking about drinking. By the seventh day, you will be back to healthy drinking.

Georgia Foster has a website and has been on numerous TV shows to talk about ways to get rid of unhealthy drinking habits. Her methods are known to be working solutions, and the positive reviews just confirm that. The many good testimonials of lives she’s changed by people she’s helped only but reaffirms how good and reliable she is. This program will help you take alcohol as a treat and not as a habit. And you won't believe this.

This program has been featured in several magazines including The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, and Psychology Magazines among others, not to mention the countless TV shows she’s been featured.

How the Program Works                                                 
The 7-Day To Drink Less e-book comes with audio downloads that have practical tips to help reduce your alcohol intake. It is meant for people from all demographic groups, whether young or old, male or female. The program uses a combination of hypnotic techniques and psychology to turn your mentality away from unhealthy drinking. It brings back to you the ability to stay calm in alcohol’s presence.

This approach works with your brain first. Once you are convinced drinking should be once in a while, it helps you practice just that! In a nutshell, the e-book reshapes your mentality while the audio downloads help you practice what your new mind tells you. That is why it will take you a record 7 days to come out of unhealthy drinking.

In detail, the full package of the 7- Days To Drink Less Program includes:
  • 7 proven and tested Step by Step talks that reveal how to cut excessive drinking
  • 5 Strong Hypnosis Audio Downloads that will change your life for good
  • The Drink Less Mind eBook accompanied by 3 extra Audio Downloads.
  • Anxiety Reduction Training that comes with an additional Audio Download.

What the Program offers

This program has a lot to teach you in just a short time. Some of the lessons include;
  • How to drink less, cut weight, and become healthier in just a week.
  • It may be impossible to get right the first lesson with the wrong mentality. Therefore, the second lesson is about reshaping your mindset into the right condition. With the correct thinking, be sure the results will be forthcoming.
  • How to get rid of sneaky and quick drinking
  • Balancing the right amounts of alcohol and diet for a healthier lifestyle
  • You will also learn how to maintain the right self-esteem levels even with the stigmatization that come with alcoholism. This is important, so you don't have to prove to no one that you don't always drink.
  • Also on offer is a non-judgemental approach guaranteeing you positive results
Advantages of the program
  • The author is an Alcohol Reduction Expert; therefore, you can be sure you're learning from the best. The positive reviews also reaffirm the effectiveness of the product.
  • The product is on offer, and the price is reasonable. As such, it is affordable for anyone on any budget.
  • You need only seven days. Imagine just a week, and you will be out of unhealthy drinking.
  • You don't have to quit alcohol altogether. The program only helps you drink healthily. Unlike other approaches where you have to quit alcohol altogether.
  • Restored self-esteem. Most people turn to binge drinking to fill a void formed out of diminishing self-concept. The program helps you bring your self-confidence back to the top. Therefore, you will not have to drink again to restore your esteem. Instead, you will be oozing confidence.
  • Better health. Some of the people Georgia Foster has helped have given reviews on how their health became better after learning from the program. In fact, one is quoted saying her skin became more explicit and her sleep became better.
  • After the results start to come, you will find your budget falling in place. Because you will be saving money from drinking less.
Disadvantages of the Program
If you are super addicted to alcohol, this is terrible news for you because you have to reduce your alcohol intake.
It requires high discipline to stick to this program’s guidance.

The Bottom Line
7-Day To Drink Less is a week's training program that helps binge drinkers reduce their lousy drinking habits to healthier practices. The Alcohol Reduction Expert authored eBook and audio downloads enables you to restore your health and wealth too. It is useful, and the reviews prove the same.

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